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Mortgage Solutions is a market-leading business-to-business (B2B) brand that provides up-to-the-minute news, features, analysis, and opinion to the mortgage intermediary community. It provides a central knowledge hub for the mortgage industry. At AE3 Media, we pride ourselves on taking the broadsheet position in the market through our tone and editorial integrity.

Mortgage Solutions also puts interactivity, multi-media, and reader response at the heart of its industry coverage. While the brand has remained true to its initial brief, it has expanded in step with the market to become the undisputed voice of the mortgage and protection intermediary sector. Due to its outstanding reputation for editorial quality, businesses looking to advertise know that Mortgage Solutions’offers unique distribution among mortgage advisers, resulting in substantial impact and coverage.

Specialist Lending Solutions covers the key topics relating to non-high street lending including second charge lending, commercial and bridging finance, portfolio buy-to-let, and complex income solutions. The website helps mortgage advisers understand the opportunity as well as the need to provide solutions to the growing underserved population that falls outside mainstream lending criteria.

Packed with breaking news, analysis, market commentary, and business support, it has become a core resource for advisers to understand the specialist customer, lending solutions and advice obligations to ensure the customer is put at the heart of an adviser firm’s proposition. Due to its underserved nature and well-respected position amongst advisers, Specialist Lending Solutions provides a valuable opportunity to businesses wishing to advertise to the specialist lending audience.

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